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As full time SEO services consultant for almost 10 years I’ve seen many changes in the SEO industry. However, a few things remain constant: Everyday millions of people in the US are using the internet to seek out services and products, people in your city are searching for your services and products online and your competitors are actively marketing online and taking customers from you.

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Organic SEO
Ranking #1 for your keywords is an awesome feeling. The phone never stops ringing. Call us and we will figure out an organic SEO strategy that fits your needs and will the business coming. We offer simple solutions to complex problems.
Local SEO
Looking for a faster way to #1? We offer turn-key local SEO marketing packages that dominate the search results for your city and profession. We can help you beat your local competition and become the local market authority.
Link Building
It’s not about the number of backlinks – it’s about the quality. We earn high authority, 100% White hat, customized link building strategies. While competition is spinning their wheels, we’ll be busy ranking.
Content Strategy
A well-thought out content strategy can drive visitors and authority through the roof. We craft beautiful content that answers your target markets questions, offers solutions to their problems and is worthy of being shared on Social Media.
Responsive Website Design
We offer clean and simple responsive web design that are tools for your business, not just an online business card. We specialize in creating websites the communicate your brand message and convert visitors in customers.
SEO Consulting
Want some outside help? Already have an in-house developer? We can provide in-depth analysis and suggestions for your in-house team to implement. Our month to month engagements allow us to create a plan for you and walk you though it.

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REDOAK’s 3-Step SEO Process

Our Proven SEO Methodology



We examine your website’s technical issues, the strength of your competitors and the type of content thats ranking for your target keywords. Thorough discovery is the key to a customized solution.



We correct onsite technical issues and optimize existing pages to increase relevancy for your desired keywords. Then we promote your website around the internet increasing authority, rankings and traffic.



Our in-depth discovery and expert promotion ignite a chain reaction of rankings, traffic, phone calls and customers. Staying consistent with our efforts ensures the traffic and business keeps coming.


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An SEO Primer for You Central Coast Business

Promote Your Business Online with SEO

SEO 101 – What is SEO and How Can it Help My Business?

SEO is the art / science of getting your website to rank higher in the search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

When people talk about SEO, it sounds as if it’s 1 thing you do to your website and BOOM: Instant Rankings! Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

Search Engine Optimization is actually an umbrella term for (to keep it simple) three main things:

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Offsite Optimization

Our proprietary SEO strategy has been developed over 10 years of execution and analysis.

We customize this strategy for each client utilizing all 3 of the methods above to varying degrees. Here is a brief breakdown of each piece:

Onsite Optimization

Google and other search engines gather intelligence and know which results to serve because of something called a “crawler”.

A web crawler seeks out new websites on the internet and crawls their pages. When a website’s content is crawled, it gets stored in the search engines memory. Topic, keywords, related concepts, etc. The act of a search engine crawling a website and memorizing it’s content for later use is called “indexing”. A web page has to be indexed in order to be served as a result.

Most web pages have technical problems that make it impossible for the crawlers to crawl their site and index the contents.

Onsite optimization is the process of removing technical road-blocks to these crawlers – be it rearranging website hierarchy, adding and editing code, or updating the metadata.

When businesses hire a website developer to build their sites, 9/10 times neither the customer nor the website developer really thinks about SEO until after the project is done. This can be detrimental for a new site, and downright disastrous for an established company updating their website!

Content Optimization

When building your website it can be easy to overlook content and the hundreds or thousands of possible keywords and phrases that customers will use to find you.

Fact is you need those keywords on your website for customers to discover your site!

Our content optimization begins with a thorough inspection of the website to identify holes in your content. We speak in depth with the client about their customers and what keywords they will use to find their products or services. Client-suggested keywords are loaded into software to identify related keywords, search volume, trends + more.

Content Optimization is a crucial step! It certifies the words we chose have search volume and we cast a wider net using synonyms.

After the keywords are identified, we examine the site and see if the identified keywords are on the site.

  • Is the content sufficient for the chosen keyword?
  • Do we need to rewrite the content? Make the content longer? Add images? Optimize the pages meta?
  • Create a new page?

Overall content optimization is making sure to get the right content on the site – the right topics, the right length, the right sections, etc. so you client finds YOU among the millions of websites out there.

Offsite Optimization

Offsite optimization is building authority within your niche. The higher the authority, the higher you rank in the search engines.

When a customer searches for keywords related to you site, there are 1,000’s of other websites that have the same keywords / content / products.

What makes one website rank better than another? AUTHORITY.

Authority is increased by the number and quality of backlinks to your website. A backlink is someone on the internet linking back to your website saying “Hey I vouch for this guy he knows what he’s talking about!”

Each backlink is like a vote, and the more votes you have to your site the higher you’ll rank in the search engines.

You earn backlinks by creating content and placing it around the internet. Your blog, offsite articles, guest posts, infographics, web 2.0 profiles, social media accounts, directories, etc. Each one of these types of link is different but has a place in offsite optimization. The more high-profile the backlink the more influence it passes.

It used to be easy to manipulate the search engines with backlinks. Not so much any more. It takes a lot of hard work and expertise to create a backlink profile that will positively affect you and to make those results stick.



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